Corporate Social Responsibility is central to our work within Juhler Group. Our goal is to contribute towards the creation of an inclusive labour market, where our colleagues, clients and candidates can develop their skills, experience personal and professional development, and have the flexibility to have a proper work life balance. This begins with standing by our core principles and committing to the improvement of the world around us. 

Every single one of our companies has a responsibility to take care of the world around us and the people in it. Read more about our efforts below. 


Making Our Social Responsibility a Priority

In 2015, we established a CSR Group was established in Juhler Group, which includes at least one representative from each company in the group. The purpose of the CSR group's operations is to address issues related to corporate social responsibility and to develop operating methods and attitudes throughout the Group. Every member of the international CSR team is dedicated to finding and implementing the best CSR solutions.

At Juhler Group, our goal is to focus on the environment and employee rights. In addition, each company in the group has its own corporate social responsibility goals. In this way, we ensure that our operations are ethically sustainable, both locally and internationally. Juhler Group always has the human being at the centre.

With the individual as our focal point, it is a matter of course for the company to have a clear social and environmental profile as well as a high degree of understanding of morality and ethics. The CSR work of Juhler Group is clearly reflected in our:

  • Business procedures
  • Investments
  • Employee policies

We are dedicated to our corporate social responsibility and have a sharp focus on the balance between social and ethical responsibility and economic interests; with both the here and now and the long run in mind.


UN Global Compact

In 2009, TEMP-TEAM joined the UN Global Compact and in 2021, our CEO, Kim Pedersen sent a letter to the Attorney General committing the whole of Juhler Group to the UN Global Compact.

10 Principles

The Global Compact focuses on 10 basic principles in the areas of human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption.

Juhler Group is committed to the Global Compact principles because we want to act in response to the planet's limited resources. We will constantly develop new, creative methods to avoid wasting resources and save on our consumption. 

With recruitment at the heart of Juhler Group, in turn, so are labour rights. Juhler Group are committed to ensuring all of our colleagues and candidates can expect equal pay for equal work, a livable wage, and that all work environments are healthy and safe. You can read our latest Sustainability report here. 

17 Sustainable Development Goals
We also work actively for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals that the Global Compact has developed and only hire employees based on their professional and personal qualifications. Race, gender, religion and sexual and political orientation are not given weight in the recruitment process. The same applies to compensation, training opportunities, promotion, dismissal and resignation.

You can read more about our commitment here:


“We need to remember how we operate in relation to the scarce resources of our planet. We consider our employees to be individual and equal people and we want to create an environment where we support each other and do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, gender, age or religious beliefs.” 

- Erik Dyrmann Juhler, founder of Juhler Group.


We Plant a Tree for Every Placement

With each placement we fill, we commit to planting one tree. In 2021, Juhler Group was responsible for the planting of 26791 trees and in total, we have planted over 80000 trees across 70 countries.

We plant these trees in collaboration with FIBRIA and The Nature Conservancy, including eucalyptus trees, for the benefit of us all. Trees sustain life on earth and are the source of clean water for billions of people. The project has a number of local benefits, which include forest restoration, collection of ecological data and preparation of plans for the maintenance of newly planted forest areas.

In addition, trees provide clean air, a controlled climate, refuge, shade and shelter. The planted trees are maintained and checked for health and well-being over a four-year period.

Read more at 


Helping Ukraine

Within both Convision and Temp Team Denmark, we have launched an initiative that helps Ukrainian professionals gain a foothold in the Danish labour market. By opening the doors to companies, we create the basis for our candidates to have a more stable life with a fixed income in Denmark and we in turn are able to supply our partner clients with the solution to their staffing needs. 

All our Ukrainian candidates are highly educated with experience and competencies in various fields and hope to continue with their development here in Denmark.

Education World and EW Recruitment Services are also making an effort to help Ukraine. They have pledged that for every candidate placed into work, they will make a donation to UNICEF every month. So far, they have donated over £700! You can keep track of the great work Education World and EWRS are doing via the link below, or even make a donation yourself to help support children in crisis in Ukraine.

Juhler Group have also recently donated 80,000DKK to Dansk Flygtningehjælp to support those in crisis in Ukraine, This money will help provide medical supplies and other essentials to adults and children in need across Ukraine.

For those that have fled the warzone and found refuge in Denmark, we have been running regular collections for household items and clothing to donate to refugees. We recently gave away items to over 40 people in need and continue to make regular donations to help support incoming refugees in any way we can.

What is Safety4Good?

What is Safety4Good?


Safety4Good was founded by Principal People’s former Managing Director, Simon Bliss. He, alongside Health and Safety Leaders and the support of the industry, has nurtured it from being just an idea to the great organisation that it is today.

Safety4Good is an initiative developed by the UK Health & Safety Leaders and Principal People to raise the positive profile of the significant proactive and preventative work that Health & Safety professionals do to protect and serve their communities and colleagues.

In the past, the media and the public have negatively portrayed the Health and Safety profession. This not a true reflection of the people who work every day with a passion to protect us and our quality of life. Our mission is to change this misunderstanding.

Check out their website today to find out more

Charities We Have Supported