Who We Are

Our Purpose

Juhler Group are an international group of recruitment agencies. Our mission as a business and as individuals, is to make a difference: we are passionate about placing skilled individuals into their ideal role, whether that is now or within their future career. 

We work towards a common goal where every placement benefits both client and candidate, not simply as a means to an end, but to ensure a candidate can benefit from personal and professional progress in their new role, and a client can rest assured that their new team member will be committed to the betterment of their business community.


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We Take Pride in Finding the Best Match

We are constantly looking for new and better ways to perform to the best of our ability. We adapt quickly to changing market needs, enabling us to find and leverage innovative solutions with our partners.

It’s All About People

We believe that strong relationships create the very best results, therefore finding the best match is a focal point in all our recruitment processes. Our people-oriented approach is not limited to partners; we also apply our individuality-friendly practices to job seekers.

Juhler Group can be a trusted partner as we seek to build the foundations of strong relationships not only between ourselves and our customers, but also between our candidates and clients. We aim to be the go-to HR partner for both businesses and candidates. 

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We Always Strive to Do our Best

We are constantly looking for new and better ways to perform to the best of our ability. We adapt quickly to changing market needs, enabling us to find and leverage innovative solutions with our partners. 

Quality is central to our everyday lives and is the foundation of many of our company's values. Juhler Group are constantly developing and streamlining our processes so that our clients and candidates can feel satisfied and professionally served. 

Our Values: Helping People and Businesses Grow

At Juhler Group, we align our values with practice to ensure we deliver the best possible service. Our values ​​are reflected in how we conduct ourselves and how we act towards our customers, partners and job seekers. All of our companies have carefully constructed their own set of values to reflect what is the most important as to how our employees conduct themselves in their work everyday. By living the values, our consultants remember what our goal ultimately is: to help people and businesses grow.

It is key to Juhler Group that all of our companies take the time to build their own unique identity, and with that comes their own unique values. While the values may differ from one company to the next, the underlying goal of Juhler Group remains the same: connecting people with the right roles so both the individual and organisation can grow.

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Our History

In 1979, our founder, Erik Juhler took the first steps to establish the first of many Juhler Group companies, Temp-Team. With a sustained focus of always having people at the centre as well as a disciplined and targeted work effort, Temp-Team grew into a successful company within a few years. Today, Juhler Group is comprised of specialist companies working across all industries and spanning across 5 countries. 

From day one, the focus has been on creating relationships with the individual candidate and customer. Even in today's digital world, it is a value that Juhler Group do not compromise on.

In January 2021, Erik Juhler resigned his position as CEO but still plays an active role in the business. In September 2023, Philip Leth stepped into the role of CEO. With Philip's leadership, all of our colleagues at Juhler Group continue grow and aspire to the same goal: being the go-to partner for all of our clients and candidates because they feel taken care of, provided with the best service, and listened to. 

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