JuhlerGroup is a leading group of recruitment agencies founded in 1979 in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Erik Dyrmann Juhler, currently CEO of the Group.

Since inception, the company has grown to more than 35 offices throughout Europe and Asia.

More than 1,000 permanent placements are made by JuhlerGroup Companies annually.

JuhlerGroup has acquired the UK Company - Principal People in June 2016. 

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  • To contribute to more security and success in selection of staff for permanent positions
  • To contribute to more flexibility in the labour force in order to secure more competitiveness for our clients


  • To be among the best within our industry
  • To create challenging and developing jobs within our organization

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“I have never regretted starting a recruitment agency. To most people a job is a very essential part of their identity. A challenging and interesting job can make all the difference between working for money or working for personal fulfillment and development.

I am proud that our organization contributes positively to society by keeping people and companies in business.

We look forward to working with you.”

Erik Dyrmann Juhler