At Temp-Team, we are very proud to hold a 4.8 star rating with over 175 reviews to date! Take a look at a few of our favourites. 

Case study

“Through Temp-Team, I have had many skilled substitutes. I have offered three of them long term work on various projects. Temp-Team secures itself as the right match from the start and we have had a fantastic collaboration. The progress of all temps is followed up at the start and their consultants come by to maintain the close dialogue between consultant, candidate and client. There is great responsiveness to my wishes if, for example, something needs to be changed or corrected. During our partial Corona shutdown, Temp-Team was a huge help so we found the best solution for us. When we slowly opened up again and had used for the temps again, there was help to get in touch with the temps we had had. This ensured that we did not embark on a new training process. Our customers needed help right away and the temps could start up and be productive from day 1. I can only recommend contacting Temp-Team if you need quality employees”


Client testimonials


Refreshingly Honest

“Temp-Team has been a refreshingly honest and reliable recruitment consulting company. Temp-Team is easily accessible and communication from the consultant was active”

– Brado Oy, Finland  


Understanding of your Needs

“Temp-Team is a highly professional company that is skilled in understanding the needs of customers and has been extremely skilled in understanding our needs and the culture we have here.”

MAAS A/S, Danmark  



“Working with Temp-Team has been solution-oriented, and with any new staffing needs we had, the service has been provided quickly. The cooperation has always been smooth and the needs of our company have been well taken into account.” 

- Toyota Oy, Finland  


Handling Business Efficiently

“Temp-Team have been our partner for over 15 years. We have recruited and hired staff at various levels and Temp-Team has always understood our needs and has handled matters quickly”

Peter Bronsman, CEO of Kopparberg, Sweden


Delivering Quality

  “I experienced Temp-Team as a quality organisation who deliver excellent quality staff. Employees in Temp Team strive to deliver quickly to our standards and specifications, if not, it is quickly resolved without the customer having to be too involved.”

Construction Manager, Franzefoss Gienvinning AS, Norway


Candidate testimonials


Excellent Candidate Care

“I had never heard of Temp-Team before, but now that I have been involved in their processes and work, I can proudly say that Temp-Team gives new and fresh air to the labour market. I have experienced nothing but well-being and a sense of home. I have that more jobseekers come across Temp-Team and experience the same excellent treatment!”

- Daniel Thuresson, Consultant


Supportive and Friendly

“I have just become vacant when I signed up to Temp-Team. I have never received such effective support from an agency. The staff are really friendly and if you want to try something a little different, they will have you out to work in no time. I can only recommend this agency!”


Exciting and Well Selected Roles

“I have been a temp at Temp-Team for over 4 years and I have always been very happy with the collaboration. It has turned into many exciting temporary positions in companies where I have been well received. All consultants are super sweet and I really appreciate that they always ask if I am thriving when I start in a new place as well as telling be about all the customers’ feedback. In Temp-Team’s reception and payroll teams, I am greeted by sweet and welcoming employees, and if there is ever an error in the payroll calculation (which is very rarely), it is corrected immediately. In other words, top marks from here.”

– Getha, Generalist Temp, Denmark