At Convision, we are very proud of the work we do and are always pleased to hear about the excellent accomplishments of our candidates. Below is one of our in depth case studies from one of our many success stories. 


Case Study

The opportunity to work project-oriented is one of the primary reasons why more and more IT professionals choose a working life as a freelancer. For Thomas Winterberg, who has been associated with Convision since 2020, freelancing is mainly about the freedom to change position and seek the complicated, by contesting different roles and industries, which contribute to expanding one's field of competence.

In the role of Program Scrum Master at Vestas, Thomas is the process owner with responsibility for the agile on the program Bladerunner. The purpose of the program is to create a greener and more sustainable future, by automating the production of blades for wind turbines.

As a Program Scrum Master on a program for individual 14 teams, one would think that Thomas had enough to look after - but on his own initiative, Thomas has in the same embrace chosen to act as a mentor and establish a teaching course for Vestas' budding talents, focusing on "Heart of Agile":

".. The whole trick is to teach people in the agile mindset of being self-driving, because when you are self-driving, you take responsibility, and then you think it's fun to go to work. I exist for our teams to have a fun day - and if I can make them self-driving and able to make decisions, then magic happens ”(Thomas Winterberg, Freelance Scrum Master at Vestas).

In just a few months, Thomas went from "wanting to make a difference" by taking some young people under his wings - to suddenly becoming an integral part of Vestas' training program and focus on talent development:

"As a result of Thomas' initiative, we at Vestas have become more aware of the potential of letting experienced project managers and Scrum Masters, such as Thomas, act as mentors and coaches for our young, budding talents" (Christoffer Rahbek, Senior Manager, IT Performance & Portfolio at Vestas, Group IT,).

Program Scrum Master, Thomas Winterberg in action as Mentor with a couple of his Mentees at Vestas.


An extra sourcing muscle

When you, like Vestas, which is a global leader in green energy, it requires a workforce that can execute quickly and bring their competencies into play, in order to maintain a monopoly. In this connection, Convision acts as a competence partner for Vestas:

“At Vestas, we have needed to be able to scale up quickly. This creates a need to have an effective sourcing muscle to bring in external consultants in a very short time ”(Christoffer Rahbek, Senior Manager, IT Performance & Portfolio at Vestas, Group IT,).

According to Christoffer, who works as Senior Manager within IT Performance & Portfolio, Group IT, at Vestas, it is crucial that you as a competence partner have an efficient process that ensures fast deliveries of qualified consultant profiles. In addition, prices and dynamics are important factors:

“For Convision, the price point and the dynamics have been particularly important in terms of gaining a foothold within.

As in the case of Thomas, you have hit the spot in terms of uncovering the profile we requested. For us, it was crucial that the consultant, in addition to professional competencies, had a special drive and an impact to create development. In addition to his role as Scrum Master, Thomas quickly saw the potential in focusing on talent development at Vestas - and it has brought great value to the young project developers ”(Christoffer, Senior Manager, IT Performance & Portfolio at Vestas, Group IT).