About us


Strong international presence

JuhlerGroup is a leading group of recruitment agencies founded in 1979 in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Erik Dyrmann Juhler, currently CEO of the Group. Since inception, the company has grown to more than 35 offices throughout Europe and Asia.

More than 1.500 permanent placements are made by JuhlerGroup Companies annually. We employ 2.600 temps on average, every single day.

The companies of the group operate on the basis of shared principles and an unwavering desire to deliver the highest quality service. We develop and continuously improve our business concepts to more exactly meet our clients’ needs.


Most organisations strive to keep up with the increasing trend for globalisation, as the world effectively shrinks and marketplaces span all continents. In order to be ahead of competition, expansion abroad is paramount for many businesses, which brings challenge in sourcing and selecting the very best human capital, in order to bring corporate strategies to life.

As a part of our ‘way of working’, we employ highly trained and experienced International Business Consultants. They offer clients assistance in connection with setting up or expanding businesses abroad.

This is an area that we can readily empathise with; throughout our expansion we have overcome the practical issues and challenges of setting up a business in new markets, and foreign climes.

We appreciate the importance of finding the right staff as well as having good knowledge of local culture, legislation etc. You can benefit from our firsthand experience giving your new business abroad the best possible start.

We strive to secure your success in the foreign marketplace by finding the best staff for your business abroad.


A Double Move! - Acquisition improves the profile

JuhlerGroup has acquired the UK Company - Principal People in June 2016.

Principal People has been in business nearly 30 Years and is today among the leading recruitment agencies within Health and Safety in the UK. In the future, the agency will also includes CSR and Quality in its service areas. Principal People employs 20 consultants and has very sound operation and healthy earnings.

Simon Bliss, owner and Managing Director of Principal People considers the acquisition an excellent match for the JuhlerGroup: “Health and Safety are strongly expanding areas and I am sure that we as part of JuhlerGroup will be able to expand further not only in the UK but also abroad.

What we liked about the Juhler Group was the opportunity to continue to develop the Principal People brand globally via their extensive coverage and client base and also the aligned culture and ethics of the business. They are nice people and working with them will be a pleasure. It is not only a good deal for shareholders but for our ambitious staff too; it will give them the opportunity to operate Internationally much faster than we could have organically developed ourselves.”

Erik Dyrmann Juhler, CEO of the JuhlerGroup: “This acquisition improves the profile of our group as well as expands our services and competences. The position and experience of Principal People will allow many of our existing clients to make use of their knowledge and competences.”

New COO of JuhlerGroup
Simon Bliss, the Managing Director and owner of Principal People has been appointed to Chief Operating Officer of the JuhlerGroup in connection with the acquisition of Principal People. This also means that Josh Huggins who is part of the management team of Principal People will take over more management roles as Managing Director of Principal People.

As COO Simon Bliss will be responsible for the overall operation of the JuhlerGroup companies in coordinating sales, marketing and operation throughout the group.

Flemming Poulfelt, Chairman of the board of JuhlerGroup: “We see the appointment of Simon Bliss as COO as a fantastic opportunity to secure the integration of Principal People into our group. Too many acquisitions do not obtain the business potential that was the reason for the acquisition. As Simon Bliss is getting the active role of COO we secure that Principal People will get the necessary recognition and place within the group. In this way we can utilise new business opportunities.”